What's In My Bag: SDCC Edition

I have been attending SDCC since 2013 and I feel like I have a pretty good idea about what I need to have on hand at all times. I thought I’d share my go-to items with you all in prep for the craziest Con of the year.
This will obviously be different for each person, so I would suggest using this as a general guide and then customize it to fit your specific needs!

A Refillable Water Bottle:

Who want's to spend 6$ on a bottle of water? Definitely not me however, should you realize you've forgotten yours spend the money once and reuse the one you bought! Works just as well.
I keep my business cards handy and a contact card in case my bag gets left behind. It also doesn't hurt to have some cash on hand. Most vendors do take card but sometimes their machines go down or they do a cash only special. 
Personal Fan:
It can get pretty warm inside the con center as well as outside. Some of my friends use the motorized kind. I like the paper kind because its easier to carry and works just as well.
I love taking notes in panels. Not everyone is the same but for me having a notebook on hand is an absolute must even in my day to day life. You never know when you're going to want to write something down. I know we all have cellphones with a note app but I still like the old fashion way best.
Charging Brick:
Very. Important. It's guaranteed your battery will die at some point during the day and having this FULLY charged and on hand means you can rest easy. I sometimes bring two just to be safe.
It can get very loud and should you want to make or take a phone call earphones are going to be necessary for you to hear the other person. It's also nice to have on hand in case you want to listen to music while you wait in lines.
Hand Sanitizer:
MUST. For your sake and for the sake of everyone else at the con WASH YOUR HANDS. I prefer this brand myself but any brand you like will do. Just bring it and use it and still wash your hands in the rest rooms. 
There are food options everywhere if you don't mind waiting in line. Personally I like to have my own selection on hand so that I'm not hangry in line behind a bunch of other con goers who are also hangry.  I also pack an electrolyte powder to add to my water because it is most necessary for any con in my opinion. A lot of things are easily stored in your backpack/bag/purse and can hold you over until you have the time for a real meal. Obviously pick what works best for you!
Shout Wipe or Tide To Go Pen:
I actually have both I'm just not sure where my tide pen has gotten off to. Must haves for cons if you spill on yourself as much as I do :D
Not sure this one needs explanation but its very dry out here especially in the summer. 
Gum/Mini Toothbrush
There is nothing I hate more than choking on stank breath. Doesn't matter if its mine or a fellow con goers, brush yo damn teeth. Or use gum, I don't care, I just don't want to smell it.
Mini First Aid kit:
I personalized this specifically to me as you can see on the left side of the photo. 
I have to carry my Epi-pens so for me it's included in my mini first aid kit.
I also carry two types of band aids if y'all haven't ever tried the blister ones you will most definitely need them by the end of con and I highly suggest purchasing some. 
Pain killers, for me Excedrin is my go to but, obviously bring whatever works best for you.
Salon Pas are a must for me as well they help soothe any sore spot and after wandering a cement con floor these things are like heaven to any of your aches and pains.
Benadryl cream because at night by the water there are bound to be some sort of insects biting at you and ain't nobody got time for that.
Eye drops because we all know the party doesn't stop just because the sun goes down but in fact goes ALLL NIIIGHT.

Anything you think I missed? Give us a shout out on twitter - @GenAwkwardFans!

- Mauli


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