TIFF News: 'I, Tonya', 'Lady Bird', 'Darkest Hour', 'Thelma', 'Mudbound', 'My Days of Mercy' and more!

The Toronto International Film Festival is underway, so let's recap some of the highlights of the festival so far:

  • Margot Robbie's on-set pictures as Tonya Harding were all over the interwebz a few months ago, and we were all shook at her transformation. Her film 'I, Tonya' premiered Friday, and over the weekend it was acquired for $5-million by Neon and 30West. Will this role lead to Robbie's first Oscar Nom? [Dets on Deadline]
  • 'Lady Bird' is Greta Gerwig's directing debut and it got a very warm reception at TIFF. With a strong cast that includes Saoirse Ronan (getting a lot of buzz), Laurie Metcalf, Lucas Hedges and Timothée Chamelet, this film is another success for A24. Next stop is The New York Film Festival [Official Trailer]
  • Since its debut at Sundance, 'Mudbound' has blown away audiences at festivals. And many are saying that Dee Rees' epic film could finally land Netflix an Oscar nomination, and perhaps even a win. Based on its official trailer, this film is one of my most anticipated and I hope to catch it at NYFF [Official Trailer]
  • Gary Oldman is getting serious Oscar Buzz for his role as Winston Churchill in 'Darkest Hour'. With headlines like 'Has Gary Oldman Already Won An Oscar?' it's kinda hard to deny that he is at the top of his game. The film is directed by Joe Wright (who also directed two of my favorite films 'Pride and Prejudice', and 'Atonement'). [Official Trailer]
  • 'Thelma' will be Sweden's film entry for the Oscar's Best Foreign Language Film category. Mostly positive reviews and comparisons to 'Carrie', the film's trailer shows some beautiful shots, definitely a movie to be on the lookout for. [Official Trailer]
  • 'My Days of Mercy' starring Ellen Page and Kate Mara premiered on Friday and The Hollywood Reporter called it 'An unlikely but affecting female love story'. [Watch an exclusive clip at Deadline]
  • George Clooney's 'Suburbicon' has released its official trailer [Watch Trailer]
  • 'The Disaster Artist' starring James Franco, Dave Franco, and Seth Rogen has its [Official Trailer]
Stay tuned for more updates!


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