July's Binge Watch Guide: Glow, Gypsy, Degrassi Next Class

Nowadays, there isn’t a shortage of new series to watch. Every month, Netflix and all other streaming services keep releasing SO MUCH original content (and cancelling a bunch of good stuff too…). In any case, I’ve decided to watch everything …ok, not EVERYTHING everything but a lot of it so that you don’t have to. Because we all know what happens when we get somewhat invested in watching something and it ends up sucking.

Without further ado here are some binge-worthy shows:


I started watching this show because of the cast. If you don’t already know that Alison Brie is hilarious, now you do because I just told you (plus ‘Community’?). The premise: The show is inspired by a women’s professional wrestling program, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, aka GLOW began airing in the mid-eighties. It has a fantastic cast and there is good balance between everyone’s storylines (with some great highlights *cough*Britney Young and Kia Stevens*cough*).

Zoya the Destroya (Alison Brie) and Machu Picchu (Britney Young) in GLOW
Is like…
Kinda feels like OITNB because of the female ensemble cast and the humor (Jenji Kohan is one of the executive producers). WWE for obvious reasons. Days of Our Lives?
Binge Speed...
Took me a week. Watched a few episodes back to back but I didn’t rush through them
Unicorn Level...
Surprisingly low… maybe even non-existent? (but if it gets renewed, there’s always room for some rainbow)


I knew nothing about this show when I began watching it, only that it starred Naomi Watts. I think that’s a good approach for this show. It starts a bit slow but once you are done with the first episode you won’t be able to stop. The feel and filming style from the first episode, directed by Sam Taylor Johnson, is visually stunning. It’s hard to describe the show accurately without spoiling it so I won’t but I would recommend it for the great acting and rich storyline (AND Sophie Cookson).

Jean Holloway (Naomi Watts) on Gypsy
Is like…In Treatment and The Affair
Binge Speed...

My whole weekend. Once you start, you will end up cancelling all your plans because it’s that type of show.
Plan accordingly.
Unicorn Level...
Driving your Subaru to spend Pride weekend in WeHo at a Tegan and Sara concert

Degrassi: Next Class

A new season of everyone’s favorite Canadian teen drama. The season picks up a few months after last season ended. And this new season keeps exploring the storylines with the muslim students, the first genderqueer character, etc. If you were a fan of Degrassi: The Next Generation, you will keep enjoying everything this show keeps throwing at you.

Lola (Amanda Arcuri) and Yael (Jamie Bloch) on Degrassi: Next Class
Is like…
Degrassi, like no other
Binge Speed...
Less than a day, I had to force myself to take a break because I didn’t want it to be over. Also, the episodes are only 30min long
Unicorn Level...
A bag of Skittles and a bit more. Degrassi has a good track record with their LGBTQ+ content


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