Split Screens Festival - A Conversation with The Girlfriend Experience Showrunners

Showrunners for The Girlfriend Experience, Amy Seimetz and Lodge Kerrigan, with Split Screens creative director Matt Zoller Seitz

Last year STARZ' “The Girlfriend Experience” was a quiet hit, garnering a Golden Globe nomination for Best Performance by an Actress in a Limited Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television for Riley Keough (whose nuanced performance rightly deserved it). This past week, Splitscreens Television Festival had its debut in New York City, and hosted a very insightful panel with the two creators/writers/directors/producers of the show, Amy Seimetz and Lodge Korrigan, giving this fan a look at the process of creating the show and what we should expect for season 2.

The event began with a screening of “Separation," the final episode of Season 1. The discussion moderated by Splitscreens' creative director, Matt Zoller Seitz, included Lodge Kerrigan and Amy Seimetz, who joined via Skype from the editing room in LA where she was working on the second season. The two showrunners met on the set for AMC’s “The Killing” and, executive producer, Steven Soderbergh from the start made it clear that he wanted both a female and male co-writers and directors to be at the helm of the series.

Behind the scenes for the upcoming second season via @lodgekerrigan

As it has already been announced, the second season has new leads: Carmen Ejogo, Louisa Krause and Anna Friel. Both creators agreed from the beginning they knew that the show was gonna be a limited series, and it wasn't a question of actor availability. They wanted to “blow up the show” and “push it further into auteur ground.” The season consisting of 14 episodes will tell 2 parallel stories, one set in DC, directed by Kerrigan, while the other takes place in New Mexico, at the helm of Seimetz. Each storyline and cast will be independent and, at the time of the panel, the order in which the episodes would be aired was not confirmed yet. It is interesting that both showrunners stated that each of their stories are not interconnected, yet they still believe that the audience will try to make connections not only between the two storylines but also the first season. Whatever the case may be, I am looking forward to watching the second season and this interesting experiment STARZ has allowed their artists to put on the screen.

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