Vanity Fair Releases a Full 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Portfolio!

As promised, Vanity Fair has released additional Star Wars portraits by famed photographer, Annie Leibovitz. These incredibly gorgeous shots accompany the in-depth cover story on the next installment of the film series, The Last Jedi. I recommend reading it; there aren't any significant spoilers. The section on the late Carrie Fisher is heartbreaking though. You can also buy all four issues and receive an exclusive poster plus a year of Vanity Fair! Please head over to Vanity Fair website for more info!

Click thumbnails for full size.

 photo f66a9753-2807-4dcf-be6b-a8b646010552.png photo star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss03.jpg photo star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss02.jpg photo star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss07.jpg
 photo star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss05.jpg photo star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss06.jpg
 photo star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss14.jpg photo star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss13.jpg  photo star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss12.jpg photo star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss11.jpg
 photo star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss09.jpg photo star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss10.jpg photo star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss04.jpg 

 photo star-wars-portfolio-06-2017-ss08.jpg


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