TNT Supper Club Presents: TNT's Claws Brunch at the Vulture Festival!

TNT's Claws held a brunch at the Vulture Festival prepared by Chef Brooke Williamson with some of the cast in attendance. I was lucky enough to attend and had a brilliant time. 

It was an unbelievably delicious brunch with dishes I could've only imagined having the chance to try. Here are a few of the menu offerings:

Prior to being served, we were introduced to the ladies and gentlemen who came to represent Claws: Niecy Nash, Carrie Preston, Jenn Lyon, Dean Norris, and writer Eliot Laurence. They were so lovely and encouraged us to take a moment to chat with them at their table. It was so great meeting them and chatting briefly with them and they seemed truly excited about their upcoming premiere.
Writer Eliot Laurence, Dean Norris, Jenn Lyon, Niecy Nash, and Carrie Preston.

So, it ended up being one of the best brunches I attended. I made a couple of new friends and got a fantastic look at an upcoming show about powerful women.

Don't miss Claws, premiering on June 11th on TNT.


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