Overwatch's One-Year Anniversary Event Starts Today

It has been a whole year since Overwatch was released, and what a year it has been. The game that many thought of as a doppelgänger of Team Fortress found its footing, and as of April 2017 it had more than 30 million registered players (30 million and not a single healer. Mercy, are you there?).

For its big anniversary event, that runs from May 23rd to June 12th, Blizzard has released 11 new skins, and dancing emotes for ALL the characters! (that's 24 dancing emotes! And for those of you who have been saving up those credits, it'll only cost you 18,000 to own all of them *dino scream*).

The skins:

Sentai (Genji), Jazzy (Lucio), Beekeeper (Mei), Oasis (Symmetra)

Cruiser (D.Va),  Graffiti (Tracer)

Dune Buggy (Bastion), Cyborg: 76 (Soldier: 76)

Cyberninja (Hanzo), Cyberian (Zarya), Bedouin (Pharah)
You can check out all the dance moves over here


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