Tribeca 2017: Must Watch Films

The Tribeca Film Festival is set to start next week, running from April 19th to the 30th. In recent years, the festival's films, documentaries, shorts, art installations, virtual and other non-conventional projects have drawn the attention of a younger audience. The Tribeca Festival Hub, in particular, has expanded with the rise in popularity of VR gear and it's definitely worth checking out (where else can you go on a tour of the White House given personally by President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama?)

As a long-time attendee of TFF, I highly recommend looking through their guide and checking out a film or two.
Other than the obvious, popular, and buzzed films premiering at the festival, like The Circle and Hulu's Handmaid's Tale, here are the top 5 films I am looking forward to:


Making its world premiere, Blame is being described as "an atmospheric update on The Crucible."
The film directed, produced, written and starring 22-year-old Quinn Shepard is the beginning of an important shift we are seeing in the film industry; Women at the head of creating original content, being able to write and play complex characters is now becoming more and more frequent. With this development, we expect many films with fresh angles and unique perspectives.
Watch if you like: Original and daring films

The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson

Chronicles the life and mysterious death of an LGBTQ+ activist that played a crucial role in the gay liberation movement and was one of the founders of STAR, Marsha P. Johnson. The Death and Life of Marsha P. Johnson is relevant and timely in nature when it comes to civil rights. This documentary will hopefully provide younger generations context and background about those that paved the way.

Watch if you like: Documentaries and history

Rock'n Roll

Written and starring real-life couple Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard, this satirical comedy explores what it means to age in the limelight.
Playing "themselves," Rock'n Roll will give a fun glimpse of the ins and outs of fame.

Watch if you like: Foreign films and satires


Follows Google's DeepMind team as they prepare to test their AI technology against one of the top Go champions: Lee Sedol. Because the game of Go, according to many, requires an AI to mimic human thought, this event was chosen by Science Magazine as one of 2016's Breakthroughs of the Year. AlphaGo will provide insight into an important step in AI development that we will look back in the years to come.
Watch if you like: Documentaries and nerdy stuff



Another world premiere, Thumper, a story described as a "searing crime drama [that] explores the cycle of drugs and violence." The film looks to have dark and standout performances from its cast that includes Eliza Taylor, Pablo Schreiber, Daniel Webber and Grant Harvey.
Watch if you like: Dark dramas

Tomorrow be on the lookout for Elisa's Top 5 Tribeca Films...


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