The Importance of "The Promise"

The Promise is a love story set during the Armenian Genocide, a horrific part of recent history unbeknownst to many.  I attended a screening Wednesday evening and was blown away by how little I knew of the atrocities; 1.5 million Armenians were systematically killed by the Ottoman Empire.

The screening I attended was followed by a conversation with Producer Eric Esrailian and actor James Cromwell. Both spoke so passionate and eloquently about the need to acknowledge and learn from the terrible crimes committed, especially in today's social and political climate. In a recent Variety piece, Cromwell states, “If we do not acknowledge our responsibility for events like this, our history, then we are doomed to repeat them, which is what we’re doing.” A sentiment he reiterated on Wednesday.  Mr. Cromwell mentioned Syria, Sudan, Libya and, unfortunately, many other places where similar destruction of whole populations of peoples and cultures is occurring.

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It was touching when Mr. Esrailian mentioned Kirk Kerkorian, a businessman who fought to have this film made and put up $100 million of his own into production, who was sadly never able to see the final product. He passed away in 2015 during preproduction.

I will admit to being biased on the film itself, as one of my favourite actors is the star, but there is no denying the important messages within the film.

Please, go see The Promise, never forget the Armenian Genocide and let us learn from our history.

The Promise is in theaters April 21, 2017.
100% of the proceeds from the films goes to humanitarian and human rights groups and charities.


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