My NYCC 2015 Wrap Up - Friday

Day 2. Fri 9 Oct

Friday was my least busy day. I'll admit, I slept in more than I should but still made it to Javits by noon. Haha!

Marvel and Netflix partnered with Uber to provide free rides in these awesome Jessica Jones SUVs along with Daredevil SUVs. I tried very hard to get a ride from my place to the con but had no luck.

 While on a lunch break, a friend and I ran into The Librarians cast posing outside with a chalk optical illusion drawing. That was fun.

There were also some great cosplayers hanging out.

After a quick stop at the Black Sails charging station where Ray Stevenson was scheduled to sign (we were eventually given gorgeous pre-signed posters), we headed to the autograph session for The Shannara Chronicles, MTV's newest series based upon the Shannara novels! Two cast members, Poppy Drayton and Manu Bennett, as well as series author Terry Brooks were on hand! Having read the novels when I was younger, I'm very much looking forward to this adaptation!

After the signing, I decided to head home. But not before a quick stop at the "Den of Iniquity", a Black Sails themed pub event at the Hudson Station Bar and Grill (their mac & cheese w/ bacon is amazing)! Starz always puts on some great events at NYCC and this year was no exception. Rum cocktails were provided as well as free shirts, shot glasses or flask to those who mentioned Black Sails on their social media. Over the two days the Den was open, they screened the first to series of the show. They also were doing quizes and trivia for copies of the show on DVD. Had the trivia been on the show itself, I think I would've done well, as Black sails is one of my favourite shows, however the questions were more pirate based. Still, I walked away with a great shirt and drink in my belly.

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